Corporate Yoga

I teach yoga to employees at local businesses, wellness centers, cancer treatment centers, health fairs and small group settings. Location/or members must provide their own yoga mats.

Mindfulness Classes

Session focused on being in the present moment by staying with the breath.  Being aware of our surroundings and in tune with our thoughts.  Group sessions will be offered upstairs in the conference room when classes are offered.


Rebalance energy and stimulate the body's natural healing ability.  A treatment feels like energy is flowing through and around you.  It treats the whole person (mind/body/spirit) and it gives a feeling of peace and relaxation. Available in the studio and wellness centers. 60 minutes Reiki session on the table or 15 minutes Chair reiki offered in the studio.

*Oncology Massage is offered in the studio on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays with independent contractor Mary Burke, LMT. You may schedule an appointment online at 425-419-3874 (Lymphatic drainage, scar tissue release and certified lymphedema therapist)

Click on the above link to schedule your appointment w/option to pay

Booking on Facebook is an option

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Reiki with tools

Incorporating tools in the Reiki session with an amethyst crystal and BioGenesis® BioOscillator ®